The 360 Power Group Generator and Electric Motor Utilizes a Proprietary Radial-Axial-Radial Magnetic Field Design

This new architecture contributes to:

  • Very High Power Density
  • Very High Efficiency
  • Extraordinary Torque
  • Throughout The Operating Range, and
  • At Continuous Low Speeds

Technical Features:

360 Power Group electric generators are designed for continuous, prime power generation. They are well-suited for remote locations, such as cell towers, forward operating bases, and micro-grid and nano-grid applications. Replacing conventional diesel or gasoline gensets with 360 Power Group gensets will result in a significant reduction in fuel usage.

360 Power Group electric generators will dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from internal combustion engines driving the generators.

Multiple Magnetic Field Synergy

360 Power Group’s proprietary, multiple magnetic fields operate simultaneously, rather than the one, or possibly two, magnetic fields of conventional machines, whether field wound or permanent magnet.

This results in dramatic increases in

  • Efficiency
  • Torque
  • Power Density

Fully Embedded Modular, Switchable Coils

Instead of conventional field windings, 360 Power Group electric generators are constructed with proprietary coil/ferromagnetic core modules. As a result, the generators are constructed with two-thirds less copper than conventional generators while producing more relative power.

In addition, the modular coil design contributes to significant thermal efficiency, which improves fuel consumption. This thermal efficiency allows the machine to be installed on a desert floor, or mountain peak without major modification.

Reduced heat contributes to longer machine life, and significantly less energy is used to cool the machine. Modularity also reduces manufacturing and maintenance costs.

The machines can be built so that, in the unlikely event of a field repair, a bad module can be removed and replaced easily without technical expertise.

Enhanced Reliability

The 360 Power Group’s proprietary design precludes catastrophic machine failure from coil failure. Even if multiple coils were to fail, the machine would only experience proportional reduction in power output.

No Gear Box or Transmission Required

360 Power Group electric generators eliminate gear boxes or transmissions. The modular coils can operate independently, creating an internal electronic gearbox. This enhances the already extraordinary torque performance and operating efficiency, while contributing to the exceptional overall power density. The resulting performance makes renewable energy applications feasible where they were heretofore marginal or impossible.

High Efficiency – Even At Low RPM Speeds

360 Power Group electric generators exceed NEMA Premium Efficiency Standards and do so in a significantly smaller and lighter machine than other machines that are classified as premium efficient. The generators can operate at either variable or fixed speeds, permitting maximum operating efficiency relative to load demands.

High Torque Throughout Performance Range

Even without the use of the proprietary switchable coil feature, the architecture results in extraordinarily high torque throughout the machine’s performance range


The current design is scalable for both generators and motors from 1kW and 3MW in size; all with similar physical and operating advantages.

Frequency, Voltage & Amperage

360 Power Group machines are fully compatible with the most sophisticated power electronics; and can produce all conventional output levels including concurrent AC and DC power production.

Intellectual Property Protection:

  • Issued Patents – U.S. & International – 75+
  • Pending Patents – U.S. & International – 40+
  • Additional Patent Filings in Process