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Strategic Technology Advantages

strageic defense application of very high efficency electric generators andmotorsReduction in Supply Chain and Logistical Costs. 360 Power Group gensets consume significantly less fuel than conventional gensets, reducing the amount of fuel that must delivered to remote and forward operating bases.

High Efficiency At Low Load Levels.  Field gensets operate at peak efficiency even at 30%-50% load levels, with an accompanying reduction in fuel consumption.

Dynamic Response.  With electronic power controls, 360 Power Group gensets will respond dynamically to power loads while maintaining peak efficiency.

reduced copper and stratically senstive materials in very high efficiency electric generators and motorsReduction in Copper and Neodymium for high-power permanent magnets machines

  • Two-third copper reduction for machine coils yields a cost, weight savings, and strategic advantage.
  • A broad range of magnets, including ferrite magnets can be used, reducing reliance on strategically sensitive materials

Low Thermal Profile.  360 Power Group gensets generate a maximum increase of 75C at full load operations with ambient temperatures of 0C, 25C, and 50C  – far less than conventional machines. Operationally, the thermal profile permits 360 Power Group generators to be easily moved between desert and arctic operations with minor – if any – adjustments.

5kW Backpack Size Genset.  Small field gensets will replace conventional batteries  to supply operational electricity for battery recharging and other on0demand field power needs. System weight is anticipated to be less than 35 pounds for a 5 kW genset operating off a conventional 1 liter propane fuel bottle.very high efficiency generrators reduce the need for conventional bateries in strategic applicaitions

Smaller Size & Weight. Field vehicles will carry more power generation capacity,  or extra supplies, or support additional armor.

electric military vehicle will gain significant range with very high efficiency lectric motorsElectric Power Vehicles. Power trains using 360 Power Group electric motors will extend  vehicle range significantly.

Defense against IED Attacks and Thermo/Magnetic Detection. The proprietary architecture of 360 Power Group motors permit them to be easily rendered thermally and magnetically “invisible,” which offers added defense against IED attacks and provides a layer of thermo/magnetic camouflage.


fixed military bases not dependent upon electrical grids with very high efficiency electric generators and motorsDistributed Power in Micro and Nano Grids. Fixed bases will no longer be depended on electrical grids. Using 360 Power Group gensets, true distributed power becomes available in an assortment of sizes, making any base more energy secure.