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Business Opportunities with 360 Power Group

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Joint Venture Implementation Model

360 Power Group is seeking joint venture partners in field-of-use and field-of-application uses. In a typical joint venture, 360 Power Group and its partner(s) form a separate joint venture entity. 360 Power licenses its technology to the Joint Venture and  adapts its technology for use by the Joint Venture.

Typically, the JV is limited to a specific field of use or field of application because partners have particular expertise, market orientation, or geographic penetration.

Joint Venture Partner

360 Power Groups joint venture partners provide marketing, sales, and distribution expertise. The partner funds product development, which includes product development fees to 360 Power Group to cover design and engineering costs. Manufacturing and assembly of the final product are determined on a case by case basis.

Sometimes, 360 Power will be responsible for manufacturing and assembly; other times manufacturing and assembly will be out-sourced by existing partners or performed by the joint venture or joint venture partner.

360 Power Revenue Generation

360 Power generates revenues from product development fees, royalties, dividends from the joint venture, and distributions, when joint ventures go public.

IP Ownership

All intellectual property is owned and retained by 360 Power Group’s parent, Clearwater Holdings, Ltd.

Time to Market – 6 to 24 Months (depending upon application)