Distributed Power for Distributed Water Applications

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Strategic Technology Advantages

24/7/365 Availability: The 360 Power Group genset-based platform is designed for maximum real-world uptime. Intrinsic to the design are redundancies and efficiencies that minimize conventional failures. Beyond that, maintenance and repair times can be greatly improved, even in remote locations, because of the modularity and replacability of the generator’s core components. This is particularly valuable in locations where demand for clean drinking water is constant, despite the supply of grid power being anything but.

High Efficiency: The flexible and highly efficient operating range of 360 Power Group generators enables an integrated genset design that greatly reduces fuel consumption. Beyond the direct economic advantages that enables, it also reduces supply and logistic requirements for distributed applications, as well as greenhouse gas and other pollutant emissions.

Compact Size and Reduced Weight: The dramatic reduction in generator volume and mass makes it easier to site gensets and the associated water purification equipment exactly where they’re needed most.