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Meet Our People

G. Noah Newmark, President


Noah Newmark

Former head of Corporate Real Estate, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch; Former Partner, Becker Paribas. Thirty years experience as an investment banker, international entrepreneur, and inventor.

chief design engineer

Michael J. Salerno

35 years of custom motor/generator design experience in aerospace, military, medical, oil/gas, and commercial applications.  Expertise also include motor/generator manufacturing processes and methods.  Clients include:  Boeing, U.S. Navy, U.S. DoD, Airbus, NASA.

R. Morgan Harwith, EVP

Executive VP

Morgan Harwith

Former VP & General Counsel, Reynolds and Reynolds Company. First international attorney for Amway Corp. Thirty-five years experience as an international corporate attorney and entrepreneur.

Stephen M. Collins, VP Product Development

product development advisor

Steven M. Collins

Climate, Sustainability, Strategy & Risk Mgmt. at Southern California Edison/EcoIQ BRG President

Douglas E. Noll, VP


Douglas E. Noll

Thirty years of experience in organizational development, law, strategic planning, negotiations, and communications.