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360 Power Group Launching Power Platform for Distributed, Clean, Safe, Affordable Water in India

360 Power Group’s “Ultra High Performance” line of electric generators and motors is launching a distributed power generation platform to support the distributed production and sale of clean, safe, affordable water. The platform’s dramatic reductions in fuel consumption and GHG emissions are derived from proprietary flexibility and efficiency that result in significant economic advantages.

To address the water crisis in India, a water stressed country of over 1.3 billion, where the water is not safe for consumption, 360 Power Group has entered into a joint venture (JV) with Akshay Swachh Jal, an industry leader in stand-alone water purification kiosks (http://www.akshayswachhjal.com/). Linking clean power to clean water creates the ability to affordably deliver essential resources throughout the developing world.

The first installations will take place in Rajasthan, India, taking advantage of 360 Power Group’s 15kW flexible and scalable power platform, invented and developed by its parent company, ClearWater Holdings, Ltd. ClearWater’s technologies are configurable for use in a wide range of applications to profitably optimize distributed power for distributed water.

Noah Newmark, President of 360 Power Group and ClearWater, says, “The cost savings of this power platform create very favorable economics for our JV, allowing us to provide safe, chilled water directly to customers that is as much as 95% cheaper than bottled water, while still maintaining profit margins that support rapid growth in this enormous market. ClearWater is currently raising $4M to expand its application joint ventures.”

Akshay Bhargava, Founder and Managing Director of Akshay Swachh Jal, says, “The 360 Power Group platform is the most efficient and cost-effective generation system for our needs. Its compact size and weight allows us to deploy it directly with our water distribution kiosks,” he said. “We plan on using 360 Power Group technologies in all of our JV deployments and in locations that would not be feasible otherwise.”

360 Power Group’s platform is centered around a proprietary, three-magnetic-field generator with a modular design that increases operating efficiency, decreases fuel consumption, and expedites on-site maintenance. The results are increased profitability with extended operating life and minimized overall operating costs.

“This platform can affordably and reliably provide power for purifying water continuously, without the reliability issues that come from the plagued electrical grid – especially during hot seasons in India, when the need for water is the greatest — and without the environmental and financial burdens associated with conventional diesel generators,” explains Stephen Collins, 360 Power Group’s VP of Product Development. “In addition to water purification, this platform is well suited for nearly all applications requiring a continuous supply of affordable power in a compact package. The platform has ready tie-ins for complementary components including Solar PV, Batteries, and advanced Microgrid Controllers – and the core design of the platform can be scaled from 1kW to MW scale.”

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